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Dubai Web Service

Do you know that you can see the detailed information of a registered website from the WHOIS Database? Like who is the owner, when it was created, when it will expire and many more infos. Visit this SITE and enter dubaiwebservice.com in the Domain Name. Enter the security code and click Search button. You can see that the Creation Date was on November 29, 2010. Other information were not displayed as part of privacy protection. To safeguard from spammers, data harvesters and etc.

Yes, Dubai Web Service was registered last Nov. 29, 2010. Offering affordable and quality Web Services. Like business email setup, web designing and development, company/business logo designs, and many more. (for our products and service list, kindly visit our Package Details). Here is also our Official Facebook Page. If your browser can’t open by clicking it, you can copy this direct link too and paste it to your browser: http://www.facebook.com/dubaiwebservice

Founded By: Joel S. Noval

Dubai Web Service was founded by Joel S. Noval. A CMS Web Developer , Official Member of JoomlaShack Lifetime Developer Template Club. He isĀ  a member of GavickPro Joomla Template eClub too. He mostly utilizes CMS Web Platforms like Joomla, WordPress, and Weebly. To create quality websites to his customers, the same website use by some notable users of WordPress. Like CNN, Forbes, Ebay and other Fortune 500 Companies (click here for complete list). Same with Joomla, there are thousands of companies using it. Like IKEA, General Electric (GE), Pizza Hut, Mc Donald, and etc. Weebly also was seen in The Wall Street Journal, NewWeek, BBC, and TechCrunch as they offer Good and superb services.

Dubai Web Service adapted the common denominators of these platforms, which is the “Free in nature” web tools. Utilizing this free tools will require your time to Learn and master the skills to have a good and quality websites. So we give our services to the potential customers and let them FOCUS on their businesses and lettings us do the work for their Online Presence needs.

Dubai Web Service evolve into a higher level of Online Business when we applied the practice of empowerment to its customers. We are the first one to offer a Network Marketing strategy to a Web/OnlineĀ  products and services. As of 2013, We have not seen any competitors offering a web services that offers cost effective and quality web services plus giving an opportunity for an extra income.

We are using the Modified Binary System which is not commonly use by any Multi Level Marketing company today. In our system, you don’t need to wait for PAIRING to get a Bonus, every sales generated by your downlines enables you for a Sales Bonus, while enjoying the Team Work benefits of it. No more Safety Net, we are using the 9th Level limits for Marketing Safety Precautions.

Dubai Web Service Marketing System is a Privilege based opportunity and definitely no obligation required. Either you invite someone or not, you will still get the products and services we offered. This is just one of our ways to reward our Loyal Customers that help grow our business by word of mouth advertizing.


To help small and medium business enterprise established their Online Presence on the Internet, with our Technology Innovations on Web Services and Online Marketing.


To be the distinguished Online Business Leaders offering a very cost effective and quality Web Services to the market, while providing a Financial Revenue to each valued customers.